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Using CBD flower bud as toothpase is it possible?

CBD paste (all you need to know)
CBD as most of us already know is a non-intoxicating compound found in
marijuana and most abundant in hemp. Although the industrial hemp is yet to be
federally declared legal, people are allowed to products like CBD drinks, oils,
tablets, sprays, pastes and gummies.
However, the CBD paste is not yet popular as that of CBD oil, but trust me, it’s one
of the coolest ways to utilize cannabinoid.
The CBD paste is exceptionally strong if and only if it is bought from a reliable
source. Also, the CBD paste can have about ten (10) times more the cannabidiol
than the one in the CBD oil.

What is CBD paste?
You must have guessed the meaning from the name. However, CBD paste
substance is putty-like that is absorbed or taken orally or topically.
Most CBD paste producers add cocoa butter, a full spectrum CBD distillate and
coconut oil to their products. Thus, it is a good practice always to ask and make
sure the salesperson summarizes the form used in extraction before purchasing.
The CBD paste comes with a CBD percentage range of forty (40%) to ninth (90%),
and the higher the CBD content, the more effective the paste is, of course. In
most cases, with proper packaging, users can estimate the individual doses easily.
The CBD paste is also perhaps the most simple formulation to obtain, as one is
not acquired to have any great knowledge about how to extract hemp to make
the paste. However, it is possible to buy a low-grade CBD paste without knowing.
This is because the CO2 extraction procedure is meant to take place in a mild
condition without the use of any solvents or chemicals and no heat or frying. Thus
a CBD paste should be able to maintain the phytocannabinoid’s golden colour.
It is quite disheartening that most producers during the paste production go-
ahead to use ‘waste’ marijuana or hemp, containing pesticides or heavy metals
and mouldy. Thus, so you remain on the safer side, make sure not to purchase
CBD last that come with tar or dark colour, as this indicates an inappropriate
extraction process and low-value materials.

Making your own CBD paste at home
To be able to produce your own CBD paste at home, here is a list of the four (4)
things you will be needing

  1. Vegetable glycerin or use Coconut oil.
  2. Buds from a high CBD plant or simply use hemp buds.
  3. A mason glass jar.
  4. A marijuana strain containing low THC.
    If these four items mentioned above are ready, follow the steps below to produce
    your homemade CBD paste.
    Step 1. First things first, grate your hemp buds, turning them into a fine powder.
    Step 2. Position the just grated buds into your mason glass jar.
    Step 3. Proceed to fill them up with two (2) ounces of vegetable glycerin or
    coconut oil.
    Step 4. Now you can close the mason jar’s crown as put place it in a pot of water,
    and keep for ten (10) to eleven (11) hours.
    Note: the water must be at least 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you use CBD paste?
Making use of the CBD paste is quite easy.
First, you have to make sure you wash your hands properly.
Next, with a squeeze, collect your preferred amount of the paste with your
fingernail. Then proceed to place the CBD paste on your tongue. It takes the paste
about thirty (30) seconds to dissolve after which you can proceed to swallow the
The enzymes in your saliva help break down the substance as the paste mixes
with the saliva. As this mixture courses through the human body, passing through
the mucous membrane circulating via the numerous capillaries. The terpenes and

CBD present in the paste then move towards the ECS (endocannabinoid system)
receptors, which have a rapid effect.
The amount of paste you consume is, however, depends on what the CBD is for.
However, I’d recommend starting with a little dose at first. This will help you
monitor the effects. And this way, you can rise the daily dose if you are not
satisfied with the effects until you are.
Note: do not increase the dosage again once you start noticing effects.

CBD can be purchased in numerous forms, and most people often debate on the
most effective delivery method. Well, to answer this, the best mode of CBD
consumption is greatly dependent on your preferences and circumstances.
I hope this piece was an interesting one. Let us know what you in think in the
comment session below.